One of the measurements that search engines like google use to index and rank your website’s popularity in their system is the number of ‘backlinks’ to your site from other sites. The quality of these inbound links is also very important and you want to get ‘authority’ sites linking in to whatever your niche is, your product, or blog artilce.

To find ‘Authority’ types of sites and get a backlink established on each individually is a very time consuming process.

I found an inexpensive membership site that claims to give you the ability to establish dozens of backlinks daily all with the ‘push of a button.

With the ability to establish hundreds of backlinks monthly easily and efficiently you’ll increase your site’s ranking and build the all necessary Traffic momentum to sell more ‘stuff’.

Click here to see the monkey’s solution.

Best of luck!

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Yesterday I found a suite of online business tools that allow you to profit while you learn and build your business.
These ‘idea tools’ (as I call them) by ‘Virtual Ops’ are needed by every online marketer at some point in building their online business presence.

1. Autoresponder
2. Web Video Producer + Conferencing
3. Hosting
4. Blog Builder

I believe the training videos, knowledge base and the fact that the tools were built by online marketers is key to the success of ‘Virtual Ops’.

Try them for yourself. It will cost you $1.00. That’s right one whole dollar to test it out for a week!

Link to Virtual Ops:

Good Luck!

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The full title of this article really should be ‘The Hippie and his $25/month online blogging empire that he runs from the jungles of Costa Rica’; BUT that seemed a bit too wordy!

I do call one of my newest online mentors ‘The Hippie’ though with good reason (and with no disrespect)! He (the Hippie) used to live in his van on a beach, currently appears on stage, videos and meetings with no shoes, shorts, wearing a wife-beater and of course has long hair.

People might say, OK BUT what can you learn from this guy? The answer is, plenty. This guy, Dave Wood (D.W) is founder of empower network and this last year had annual revenues of over $60 million and is active with sales in over 100 countries.  He has moved out of his van on the beach and now directs this online group of independent marketers from his estate in Costa Rica.

One of the first stories D.W. told that resonated with me; is when he was first starting out, he was at an event where he was heckling / questioning an ‘Old Internet Marketing (I.M) Guru’ on stage. Finally, the ‘Old Guy’ turns to D.W. and says why are you questioning me? How much do you make / month? How much do you make / year? At that time the ‘Old Guy’ was averaging over $100,000 / month and over $1 million / year. At that time also D.W. was having a hard time just making enough money ($) to put gas in his van. It was then that D.W. had an epiphany and said to himself. ‘I’m being a dumbass!’ I should just listen to this guy, model what he is doing and and follow his plan, he is genuinely trying to help!

When I heard this, (having just made my first $2.38 online) I decided to listen a little more intently to what D.W. had to say. You be the judge! How much are you making online? Give Dave a listen to here: ($25/month blog empire).

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Of the top 8 traits that successful entrepreneurs share; the number 1 ‘success trait’ that all top business leaders share according to researcher Richard St. John is a Passion for what they do.

This was echoed for me most recently by the 1st days exercise sheets in the Millionaire MBA Mentoring program.  The very first exercise is to list the many things that you are passionate about.

Try it for yourself!  What’s your Passion?

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Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us by Seth Godin

Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us !

I debated calling this article ‘tribal leader’ or Seth Godin demi-god but somehow, ‘The Purple Man’ came to mind and stuck.  I’m reading ‘Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us! by Seth Godin for the second time. I say reading but for me it is more like slowly trying to absorb Seth’s marketing and life lesson wisdom that only comes from making mistakes while pursuing one’s dreams in today’s ‘connection economy.’

I was introduced to this book, it’s author and its’ ideas by of all things an internet marketing (IM) guru.  This guru talked with a funny accent and was doing things so different that it really struck a chord with me. This guru (The Traffic Man) used this book and its strategies and ideas  about building, communicating and leading tribes of people on-line to catapult his business to multiple seven figures.

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I liken Seth to a ‘Purple Man’ because he stands out from the crowd, inspires, motivates and challenges the misfits to pursue their dreams and hidden aspirations.

Once, you’ve read tribes and are ready to break from the status quo then it is time to build your own tribe at ‘‘.

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One of the Building Blocks and Core values of world class companies and individuals that I’ve always admired is ‘Integrity’. The definition of ‘Integrity’ is: ‘having the quality of being honest and/or having strong moral and guiding principles’ .

Today, I was listening to Zig Ziglar and he echoed those sentiments as a necessary key foundation stone for him when he started to build any business or sales network. He said to believe in the products that you are selling and truly try and help your client or customer with what you have to offer.

In launching I first need products that will help train, educate and guide me to build a better online business presence. In boot-strapping my efforts; these products have to have extreme value before I will use them.

The first and best step by step system that I’ve found to date to get started online is by a couple of guys I feel have integrity and genuinely want to help their students and customers succeed. These guys are at ‘empowernetwork’ and I’ve purchased their introductory product called ‘viral blogging system’. The first set of core videos with the system is by one of the founders Dave Sharpe. I find the videos are well put together, professional, simple and straight forward.

Take a look for yourself and you be the judge:

‘empower business tools’


Roy  - The Traffic Architect

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